About Us

★ Flying Lux: The New Wings of Luxury Shopping ★

"Fly into luxury with Flying Lux. We offer an easy and enjoyable luxury shopping experience."

✧ Flying Lux is not just an online store. We are a premium online boutique that innovatively reduces the distribution stages of luxury goods, delivering directly from boutiques in Italy and the USA to your hands. We provide the latest collections, not yet released in Korea, at optimal prices.

✰ Core Values and Services ✰

1. ⟡ Innovation in Luxury Distribution - We minimize complex distribution processes to deliver the latest luxury goods from Italy and the USA directly to you.

2. ✪ International Express Shipping - We ensure relatively fast delivery through international express shipping with DHL and UPS, bypassing shipping intermediaries.

3. ✤ Reasonable Pricing Policy - We offer top-tier luxury goods at reasonable prices to provide the best value to our customers.

4. ✦ Diverse and Exclusive Product Range - We stock the latest Italian collections not available in Korea, offering a wide range of choices.

✧ Committed to Customer Satisfaction at Flying Lux ✧

At Flying Lux, your satisfaction and shopping convenience are our top priorities. We offer a trustworthy shopping environment by selecting only verified authentic products from Italy and the USA. With Flying Lux, luxury shopping is no longer difficult or complicated.

Experience a new standard in luxury shopping the moment you shop with Flying Lux.